BPM™ - Business
Program Management

The DPM Business Program Management method (BPM™) represents activities and tasks designed to successfully understand business vision and strategy and manage the translation into defined project activities that support intended business change.
BPM™ provides a structured context for:

  • Understanding Business Vision and Strategy.
  • Defining high- and mid-level business requirements.
  • Integrating and validating business requirements from multiple business units and/or sub-regions.
  • Coordinating the collaboration and planning between multiple functional support teams.
  • Establishing a foundation and context for integration with other development and implementation methodologies.
The BPM™ Integrated Work Stream:

  • BPM™ provides a business requirements management platform for common initiation of follow-on execution projects.
  • Fully integrated business requirements enable simultaneous planning activities within multiple project tracks.
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